Monday, May 7, 2012

Pioneer Memorial Park, San Diego

We went on an investigation at Pioneer Memorial Park in San Diego (also known as Calvary Cemetery).  It's a park now, but used to be a graveyard.  Actually, it still is.  The gravestones were all bulldozed up and buried elsewhere, but the 4 thousand bodies still remain underneath the picnics, games and dog walks. Would they or their families have chosen this?  The only record of many of them were the headstones, now gone.  Nice park, but how many actually know they're sitting above thousands of bodies? 

During our investigation in the children's section, where many kids died of influenza back in the day, we captured an EVP which I think may be the mother of a child.  Maybe she's thanking us for caring?  Who knows.  We also recorded a voice whispering "That's Nancy."  Other groups have investigated at this park with some interesting results.

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