Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burning Man, Virginia City and Bodie

Awesome trip to Burning Man and back. Sometimes, the journey is actually better than the destination.

Lots of sights and stops along the way, including Lone Pine, Alabama Hills, Virginia City (my favorite part of the trip!) and Bodie.
Here are just a few of the pictures I took:

Alabama Hills, and I think that's Mt. Whitney in the background:

Mono Lake where nothing but brine shrimp live:

Virginia City

The Washoe Club (it's haunted)

In the Washoe Club: The Crypt

Still in the Washoe: The Spiral Staircase
(it was on Ripley's Believe it or Not and now I believe it)

And no 1800's haunted saloon is complete without......
A haunted bordello upstairs!

Virginia City has a lot of history (and haunts) going on. That's why
it was featured by the ghost hunting guys:
They got to stay in the cemetery at night.
We were only allowed in during the day.

Looking from our camp towards the cemeteries, which seem to go on and on from one hill to the next:

And then looking at our camp and the city from the cemetery:

Then we went to Burning Man. I didn't take any pictures
but Joe took this one of me.
(I got sick from the alkaline dust but we made it through a couple days)

Am I not lovely?


Lots of little abandoned buildings... an entire city, actually.
Complete with a post office and saloon in the same room,
which I thought was strange.

They had a cemetery and morgue, too.
Here are some kind of creepy sights taken through the morgue windows (note the scary wallpaper):

The bathrooms were romantic:


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