Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Orleans Creole Cafe

Today we had lunch at the New Orleans Creole Cafe in Old Town.
(sorry, got carried away singing)

This adorable cottage-like dining room shares a courtyard area with the Whaley House, an authentic "Haunt" with some curious and creepy history attached to it. And the Cafe is also known to be haunted. We ate in a dining room that is actually a separate little building from the main restaurant. We attended with a group of fellow ghost-trackers, and passed around some interesting pictures of possible spirit activity in the cafe and surrounding area. Many eerie accounts of personal experiences and encounters flew around our table of eleven diners, many of us meeting the others for the first time. Oh, by "the others" i meant the other people in our group. Who knows how many OTHER "others" may have been hovering around us..

As for food...
My husband and i split a Shrimp Remoulade salad. Excellent! Could have been a small light lunch for one person. Huge juicy shrimp (with tails removed, thank you!) on a bed of green leafy lettuce, with some cherry tomatos and cucumber slices. The dressing was something of unknown origin to me but yummy I don't need to know what it was in order to like it. I found myself cleaning the plate with my bread. Oh yeah, and baskets of french bread on the table, really fresh and soft in the middle with crisp crust.

Then we split a dinner of Crawfish Etouffee'. Split onto two separate plates, it was a nice size meal for each of us. I didn't know how to pronounce it so i just pointed at the menu and the waiter said something real pretty so i said "yes please!". Same with the Remoulade thing, fancy words i'd rather point to than try to guess how to say them.
Now, these little crawfish were yummy - tender kind of like the shrimp but quite different. They were deliciously mild swimming in this sauce. (well, not literally swimming, they were dead!) Not sure what the sauce was, kind of a warm, rich creamy sauce about the color of thousand island dressing (but the flavor was completely different). Generous amount of meat drenched in sauce, with a lump of moist white rice in the middle of the plate.
Comfort food, that's what it was. The kind of food that i don't worry about the fat content becuz it satisfies me so well that i don't feel inclined to snack on junk food later (as much).

I'd definitely like to dine there again sometime. You just have to be careful that playful spirits don't steal your bread.

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